Toolkit for Gallery Visits – films on YouTube

Back in the spring, the Art Doctors received funding from Leeds Inspired to make a series of short films that take viewers through activities from our Toolkit for Gallery Visits, a fun and irreverent take on making art galleries more accessible.

Together with the Leeds Art Gallery community and the Arts and Minds Network, we’ve been wearing art specs and slippers, finding places to sleep, writing stories, making mini-sculptures and listening to music. We’ve been having a lot of fun!

The films are aimed at people who might experience barriers to cultural institutions, or who may not feel ownership or a sense of belonging in them, and there are now 11 short films to to watch on . We hope the films will encourage you to visit galleries again now that they are open, and to experience the buildings and the art works in your own ways.

You can also download the toolkit activities if you want to take some printed versions of them along to the next art gallery you visit!

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