The Growing Colour Together Film

Specially commissioned by digital support agency The Space, the film Growing Colour Together is now live. Directed by John Slemensek-Thorne of Studio Bokehgo, the film explains the project and serves as a call to action for community groups and individuals from across Kirklees and beyond to get involved with Growing Colour Together.

Growing Colour Together means connection to me…it’s about bridging that gap between gardening and art practice’. Project Manager, Elanz Yazdani

The film showcases different perspectives on dyeing from local experts, such as Andrew Filarowski from the Society of Dyers and Colourists, to figures from the education sector and sustainability pioneers all looking to make a difference.

The film also features moving stories from artists who use sustainable dyeing methods to connect to their garments and communities, as well as sharing the rich textiles history of Kirklees, and the benefits of experiencing nature. The artists employ a range of methods to creatively repurpose items, from eco-printing to embroidery, sharing their experiences with the craft.

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