Art Doctors

The Art Doctors playfully break down barriers to participation in art and culture, and explore the positive role of creativity in all our lives.

We gather near art galleries and museums, at events, in workplaces and online, wearing our paint splattered coats and stethoscopes, and with prescription pads at the ready. We may prescribe art to look at or everyday creative activities, we make films, we write, and we work with all sorts of different people, from social prescribers and healthcare professionals to radio presenters, students, artists, people just hanging out on the street, and YOU!

We love thinking about art and creativity as a starting point for conversations and we firmly believe that every response is valid and important, whether you see yourself as an expert or not. We don’t teach, we explore. We believe in the power of FUN.

The Art Doctors were founded in 2015 by Leeds-based artists Alison McIntyre, Liz Stirling and Tom Bailey. We are now a collective of around 12 artists



Event archive

  • Celebrate Seacroft’s Creativity with BBC Radio Leeds

    Thu, 21 July 2022 - Thu, 21 July 2022

    From 12 noon

    Help us celebrate Seacroft’s creativity with ChapelFM and BBC Radio Leeds. Gayle Lofthouse’s show will be on location at ChapelFM…

  • Cycles of Life event at The Tetley

    Thu, 10 March 2022 - Thu, 10 March 2022


    If you’re looking for an introduction to learning and talking about contemporary art, this event is perfect for you. The…

  • The Art Doctor Great Escape

    Fri, 13 May 2022 - Sun, 15 May 2022

    From 5.30pm Friday to 1pm Sunday

    Art is good for you! We know that. You know that. But it can be hard. Sometimes we all lose…

  • Wellbeing Activities at Thackray Museum of Medicine

    Mon, 23 August 2021 - Thu, 2 September 2021

    We worked with visitors to Thackray Museum of Medicine on activities connected to wellbeing. Together we built a SUPER GUT…

  • Emergency Museum at Kirklees Festival

    Sat, 13 July 2019 - Sat, 13 July 2019

    We teamed up with Thackray’s Emergency Museum (a vintage ambulance that was touring around Leeds while the museum was being…

  • Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? Exhibition

    Tue, 23 April 2019 - Sat, 27 April 2019

    The culmination of our Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? project was an exhibition at Leeds Kirkgate market, where we showcased…

  • Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? Leeds Art Gallery Takeover

    Sat, 24 November 2018 - Sat, 24 November 2018

    As part of Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? we took over Leeds Art Gallery, offering prescriptions,  slipper-making so that you…

  • Chapel Allerton Arts Festival

    Sat, 1 September 2018 - Sat, 1 September 2018

    We set up an Art Doctor Clinic at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival and prescribed creative activities for people to take…

  • Love Arts Festival

    Sat, 14 October 2017 - Sat, 14 October 2017

    We prescribed artworks in Leeds Art Gallery, focussing on health and wellbeing, as part of the Love Arts Festival.

  • Park Here and Play

    Sun, 13 August 2017 - Sun, 13 August 2017

    As the Art Gallery was closed for refurbishment, we prescribed two minutes of focussed looking at art works from the…

  • British Art Show 8

    Sat, 31 October 2015 - Sun, 24 July 2016

    The very first incarnation of the Art Doctors, prescribing work in the British Art Show 8 in Leeds and then…

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