Art Doctors Art Brunch

As we struggle through national lockdown again, the Art Doctors wondered how to respond this time. Last time we made our lockdown films, and watching them back we’re aware of how much nervous energy there was during that initial crisis from March 2020. An energy we certainly aren’t feeling right now!

So this time around we decided to get together on Zoom on a Saturday (late!) morning and have an Art Brunch. It’s not a public event, just something to do together to keep us going through this. Toast and coffee, chit-chat and a bit of drawing or painting.

It’s interesting what happens when you’re talking with someone at the same time as making. It seems to keep the conscious brain busy, letting something more relaxed take over… something less focussed on needing to know.

It doesn’t matter what you do in an Art Brunch, it could just be doodling or colouring in, but whatever you do will take the pressure off the usual Zoom interactions. It’s calming and restorative, and feels more like just hanging out in the same space with your mates.

So set one up with your friends and share how you feel about it (or what you make if you like, though that’s less important… process not product!) with us on social media.

Twitter and Instagram: @art_doctors

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