What We Offer – Workplace Wellbeing

The Art Doctors are offering creative mental health and wellbeing support in your workplace.

Benefits include:
1. Training and development in the Art Doctor process for staff with responsibilities for workplace mental health and wellbeing
2. Delivery of activities that support workplace mental health and wellbeing,
3. Improved team connection and cohesion
4. Formulation of a sociable creative space within the workplace where staff can:

Explore the power of their own creativity rather than be taught an art or craft skill or technique

Safely and indirectly explore difficult issues or emotions when ready, no one is asking ‘how are you doing?’ or ‘have you got any mental health issues?’, but through the creative process these things often naturally rise to the surface

Develop as a team outside team meetings and to do lists

Have a influential voice in developing the new normal for post-pandemic workplace wellbeing and welfare

We have a number of ways to support workplace wellbeing, including the Art Doctor Great Escape, In-House Team Days and Ongoing In-House Clinics.

The Art Doctor Great Escape
We will be running our first residential Art Doctor Great Escape from 13th -15th May 2022. The Great Escape is the perfect way for staff members with a responsibility for workplace wellbeing to get intensive training and experience of the Art Doctor ethos and approach. They can then be supported to bring that ethos back into the workplace by establishing an In-House Art Doctor Clinic

Ongoing In-House Art Doctor Clinic
The Art Doctor Clinic is a social creative space within the workplace that combines making with talking. Discussions about creativity, life, mental health and wellbeing happen very naturally during the process of making together in a space that is safe, calm and accessible. It’s a space for staff that isn’t about outcomes, about getting all the jobs done… a space that bonds a team together in a way that is mutually supportive and understanding.

The session content and making activities will be very flexible, with guided activities from the facilitators where appropriate, or participants able to bring something they are already working on at home.

Delivery Options:
1. Art Doctors train and support staff to facilitate in-house sessions. Ideal training would be to attend an Art Doctor Great Escape (see above). There would be a shared responsibility for around three months and then the group will become self-sustaining. Art Doctors will visit twice a year to support staff in evaluation and development of the clinic.
2. Art Doctors facilitate regular in-house sessions for staff.

In-House Team Days
We can also offer bespoke non-residential packages to organisations that we would deliver in-house for for either a half or full day. We create an inclusive and supportive space for creative exploration, focussing on process rather than outcome. We encourage participants to take themselves out of their comfort zone, to use the creativity they already have but might not be aware of, to experience failure, and to talk about how it all feels.

Flexible Approach
We have a flexible approach to how we work with organisations. Maybe you just want to send some staff members on the Great Escape for their own personal wellbeing or because work has been particularly stressful or busy recently? Maybe you’re not able to send anyone on the Great Escape, but you’d like the Art Doctors to deliver sessions in-house instead?

We’re aware that all organisations have different needs, so we’re really happy to discuss options with you to find the best fit for you and your employees.

We can also offer a short online taster session to find out more about our approach and what will happen on a Great Escape.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail.

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