What We Offer – The Art Doctor Great Escape

Art is good for you! We know that. You know that. But it can be hard.

Sometimes we all lose our way creatively. We feel scared. We judge ourselves harshly. What we need is an artistic pick-me-up… a chance to get out into nature and start making. What we need is the Art Doctor Great Escape!

As Art Doctors, we’ve been prescribing art and creativity to people for years. Often we hear the same things:
‘I’ve not done anything arty since school’
‘I don’t know where to start’
‘I can’t draw so creativity isn’t for me’
‘I buy art materials and they sit in their packets unused’
‘Compared to other arty people, I’m rubbish’
‘Who wants to see anything I’ve made?’

Everyone has these thoughts. We certainly do! And we’ve realised that people need to get together with like-minded others to find their creative mojo again. And one of the ways to do that is to get out of the city and reset your art-brain.

If that sounds like what you need right now, you can FIND OUT MORE

… or just BOOK YOUR PLACE on the first Art Doctor Great Escape, Fri 13 – Sun 15 May, at Wharfedale Lodge, Kilney, near Grassington. Cost is £320 per person, including all activities, food and accommodation.

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