What We Offer – Festivals

We will set up your very own Art Doctor Clinic, a safe creative space for adults (kids are already great at this, it’s the adults who need a clinic!) to try out creative activities within the Art Doctor ethos of playfulness and exploration.

This could include any or all of…

1. Consultations and prescriptions for creative activities custom-made for your festival site and themes.
2. Creative activity space containing:
– Individual or group warm-up activities, eg. drawing spirals, cut up poems, miniature worlds, mini fast sculpture, making costumes and capes, movement and dance etc
– Sound system to play music or any recorded sounds that have been produced as part of a prescription
– Tech/software to support sound mixing?
– Art works for focussed looking and inspiration (no phones!)
– Photo printer to support collage
– Art Doctors on hand to support creative activity
3. Consultations and prescriptions to take home so that visitors can continue their creative journey.
4. Roving Art Doctors with case of creativity – prescriptions and very simple activities on the move.

Please get in touch for a chat if you are interested in booking us for your festival.

I enjoyed the time to sit and draw amongst the hubbub of the festival. Thank you.
Feeling much more connected now! Thanks Doc.
Visitors to Chapel Allerton Arts Festival

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