What We Offer – Creative Weekender

As Art Doctors we know that making space for creativity within our lives can make us feel better.

Creativity can be ‘everyday’, it doesn’t need to be about learning the skills necessary to draw really well, play an instrument or write a novel. The journey is just as important as an outcome and by participating in Art Doctor activities you can learn to focus on the joy of the process rather than on creating a perfect end product.

We will be running a pilot (at a reduced fee) of our Creative Weekender in Spring 2022, please get in touch if you are interested in attending as a ‘critical friend’.

Creative Weekender
A two-night residential in the Yorkshire Dales where we will focus on kickstarting and unblocking participants’ natural creativity to aid wellbeing. Activities will be accessible and unthreatening (we won’t force anyone to draw or do role-play!) and will involve a combination of different art forms. There will be ongoing discussion and consultation throughout the two days and each participant will receive support where appropriate to continue creative activity at home or to introduce it into the workplace.

The rural location in the Yorkshire Dales is very important, as connecting to nature often inspires the creative process. It can also enable mindful attention to our surroundings and the things we often take for granted or don’t take the time to notice in our busy everyday lives.

Example Schedule
Day 1
5.30-6.00: Arrive, register and check in
6.00: Welcome, introductions and group warm up activity
7.30: Dinner
8.30: Free time/drinks

Day 2
8.00: Breakfast
9.00: Short sharp creative activities (eg spirals, mini sculptures, games, words)
10.00: Nature walk – conscious looking, creative purpose, collecting and recording (materials, textures images, sounds, words etc)
12.00: Lunch
1.00: Use collected and recorded material in creative making to share in the evening (decoration/performance/poster/costume/hat?). Either solo or in collaboration with others
5.00: Use suitable creations from previous session to decorate the room/table for the sharing party
7.30: Dinner and Sharing Party
9.30: Free Time/Drinks

Day 3
8.00: Breakfast and check out
9.00: Reflection, evaluation and 1:1 prescriptions for continuing activity
11.00: Group discussion/reflection. Sharing ideas of where you might take your prescriptions from here.
12.00: Lunch
1.00: End

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