Film – Thriving Communities: Exploring the Creative Process

Everyday Creativity has Transformative Power!

Art Doctors were the arts partner on the Leeds Thriving Communities project, led by Space 2 and we’ve worked with Linking Leeds Wellbeing Coordinators to make a film that charts how our process unlocks creative potential & reflects on how creative activity affects their wellbeing & social prescribing practice.

It’s been a real joy to work on the film and we all went on more emotional journeys that we expected. It’s powerful stuff, this creativity!

Social prescribing is a fairly new practice and Leeds is at the forefront of developing it. It works as a referral for people who go to their GPs with issues and challenges that aren’t necessarily going to be helped through a medical prescription alone. A referral to a social prescriber (Wellbeing Coordinators in Leeds) can address issues around social isolation, loneliness and help with overcoming barriers to living a more fulfilling life.

Art and creativity can be prescribed as part of the process, as can nature, outdoors and sport activities. All of which can have a massive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

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